Divination Coin


Do you have choice difficulties? Don’t know what to do? Throw a coin and let it decide!

Let your spirit guides help you to make that decision with this easy-to-use divination tool. This is a Yes Or No coin which is also sometimes called a Prediction Coin. The coin is easy to use. Ask a question and toss the coin for your answer.
Coins are two-sided and fully embossed with detailed imaging. The diameter of the coin is 40 mm (~1.6 inches) and with a thickness of 3 mm (~0.12 inches). Made of high-quality copper material, wear-resistant and durable, can be stored and used for a long time. The coin is very small and easy to store, you can take it with you.
It's a quirky item and an excellent gift idea - perfect for anyone with an interest in coin collecting or who needs to be better at decision-making.